Fireplace Mantels

Adding a fireplace mantel provides a timeless look as well as a place to display pictures and objet d’art. There are many mantel options ranging from a simple shelf to mantels with ornate legs, a raised hearth to sit on, and an over mantel with elaborate designs.  A properly placed mantel will also provide heat protection for a TV or painting placed above the fireplace opening.


Wood Mantel

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Precast Mantel

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Mantel Shelf

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Wood or Non-Combustible Mantel?

  • Wood mantels are a great option. They can be painted or stained to match adjacent cabinetry or furniture. However, clearances to the fireplace opening must be carefully maintained to ensure safety.
  • Non-combustible mantels can be made of many materials, but most commonly they are built in molds and are therefore often referred to as “pre-cast.” Pre-cast mantels are either “paint grade” or cast in a traverstone/concrete material that come in various colors and finishes. Some manufacturers allow mantel clearances to be lower and mantel legs to be closer if using non-combustible materials for their construction. Consult specific fireplace specifications for more information.