Doors & Screens

Doors enhance the style and add a finished look to your fireplace while screens are required for safety.

Fireplace doors help preventĀ air loss and infiltration of cold or warm air into the house, but they do not provide an airtight seal. Your fireplace should be used with the doors open and screens closed; burning with the fireplace doors closed can cause the glass to break.


Glass Door

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Fireplace glass doors provide a perfect finish for your fireplace wall. Doors are manufactured differently depending upon whether or not your fireplace is all masonry (typical in home from 1980 or older) or you have a zero clearance/manufactured fireplace.

Custom Mesh Screen

Replacement screens
If you have warped or damaged screens, we can replace them. Keep the rods they slide on, and provide us with the height and width of each panel, not including the rings at the top. Also, specify whether or not you need new pulls. Otherwise, just bring in your old screens and your custom mesh will be cut to order. Allow up to one week lead time.

New mesh screens
We sell custom built-in screens. They come with the rod and top plate (in a finish of your choice) and black sliding curtain mesh. We recommend on-site measurement by a professional to guarantee proper fit.

Free Standing Screen

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Free standing screens provide a barrier to help prevent sparks from getting into the room. They also can be used to help keep people away from the hot glass of a gas fireplace. If your primary goal is to keep children away, we carry child barriers with a gate entry for greater safety and deterrence.

Most doors are made to order and come with or without built-in screens. You choose the style – the finish of the door and frame, and the glass type (clear, bronze, smoked or black). We carry a limited selection of stocking doors for masonry fireplaces. Custom or factory doors for manufactured fireplaces are also available but are special order only. Allow 4-6 weeks lead time for custom screens.

On-site professional measurement is strongly encouraged for custom ordered doors to guarantee proper fit. Doors can be made to install so they overlap smooth surfaces such as tile. However, doors should be installed prior to application of uneven finishes such as ledgestone.