Gas Logs & Fire Glass

Existing  wood burning fireplaces can typically be modified to burn gas logs or fire glass. This is a lower cost, lower efficiency option than a gas insert. Simply utilize an existing gas connection or hire a plumber to install natural gas or propane into your firebox.


Standard Gas Logs

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Radiant Gas Logs

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Gas logs and fire glass do not use your current grate or gas pipe (which is typically only used to light a wood fire). A special burner is used (including a special grate when choosing logs) to spread the gas and provide a realistic and pleasing flame pattern. A damper clamp must also be installed to peg your damper open for your safety, and to meet legal requirements!

Standard gas logs and fire glass burners are not efficient.  The radiant gas logs do radiate more heat back into the room but they are not nearly as efficient as gas inserts and they do not reduce draftiness from the fireplace when it is not being used. Many people add glass doors to reduce heat loss and draftiness when the fireplace is not in use.