Rings & Burners

A realistic gas fire starts with using an appropriate gas burner. We carry a wide selection of rings, linear burners, and rectangles. We can do custom shapes upon request. Burners are typically tube based and come with or without a tray to contain the media and help spread the flame.


Rings (outdoor)

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Gas Fireplace Burner

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Gas Linear Trough Burner

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Electronic Ignition

Manual Valve

Standing Pilot

Control Options

The two primary options are manual operation with a key valve or electronic ignition.

Key valve pic, electronic ignition ring pic.


Manual or electronic ignition
Unless otherwise specified, burners are manual or “match light.” They are typically lit by opening a manual key valve with one hand and using a long-handled lighter with the other. Electronic ignition systems dramatically increase the cost and can have service issues.  A push button ignitor can be added to a key valve for an outdoor fire pit to eliminate the need for the lighter.

Tray or bare pipe burner
Burners with trays help contain fireplace media and spread the flame but they are not required.

Spreading the flame
Indoors, sand is spread over the burner to spread flame and fire glass or embers go over the sand. Outdoors, sand will compact so lava rock or fire glass covers the tube burners to spread the flame.

Use properly sized valves and correct accessories
Don’t undersize your gas line or gas valve! If using propane with a 24” ring or natural gas with a 30” ring or larger, upsize to a ¾” valve and ring for triple the flame size.

Propane considerations (lp)
Outdoors, use an propane air mixer below the burner to bring in extra oxygen and reduce sooting. Use a high pressure gas regulator for a larger flame. Use a safety pilot kit or electronic ignition system indoors. Propane is heavier than air so match light systems are dangerous and illegal indoors due to potential pooling of unlit fuel.