Fireplace Insert

A fireplace insert fits inside your existing  fireplace. It is typically high efficiency and has flexible venting that runs up through your chimney. Your insert will be much more efficient than your existing fireplace and typically offers greater safety as the fire is more fully contained.

Inserts typically come in two sizes. Larger inserts are primarily designed for masonry fireplaces with openings approximately 24” tall and 35” inches wide or larger. Most homes built after 1980 have what we call “zero-clearance” fireplaces and more often require smaller or medium sized inserts. You will notice that these fireplaces typically don’t have real brick chimneys but instead use a metal pipe as a flue. They also have cement interior panels rather than real brick on the inside and often have metal interior and a partially exposed metal exterior.

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  • Most convenient
  • Works on a thermostat
  • Inexpensive if using natural gas
  • Convertible to propane (LP)
  • No electricity required
  • Very realistic
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  • Low fuel cost
  • Requires more labor and wood handling
  • No electricity required
  • Most reliable
  • Most realistic
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  • More convenient and cleaner than wood
  • Requires electricity
  • Can use thermostat
  • Lower fuel cost than propane
  • Less realistic
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  • No venting necessary so you can add anywhere in your home
  • Only heats a small confined room
  • Lowest purchase price
  • Least realistic
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Inserts must go into a working fireplace

Masonry Fireplace

Masonry Fireplace

Zero Clearance Fireplace

Zero Clearance Fireplace