Do you want a fire on demand with no mess and no odor? If so, a gas insert is a perfect solution. An insert reduces or eliminates fireplace draftiness and can enhance the room decor whether or not it is in use. Dial in your comfort level by setting the temperature and enjoy!



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Fireplace Insert for existing home
Add a gas insert into an existing fireplace to turn it into an energy efficient heater. The insert must go into a working fireplace.


Zone heating saves money
An insert delivers heat most efficiently to the general area where it is located. If located in a central part of the house, and the central heating is turned off or down, the insert will heat the common areas while delivering less heat to the hallways and bedrooms. Heating in this manner generally saves about 20% on heating bills.

Large common areas are often too cold
Large common areas often have large windows and not enough heating ducts. Inserts offer supplemental heat and comfort.

No restrictions
Gas inserts have none of the restrictions imposed on burning wood or pellets.

Key decision points

Insert heating capacity is key
Heating capacity is a function of BTU’s multiplied by efficiency. Verify that the insert is capable of heating the desired space. Note that some homes are difficult to heat with a zone heater due to lack of insulation or excessive heat transfer to other rooms, upstairs areas, or tall interior ceiling areas.

Will it work in your fireplace?
If your home is newer than 1980, you likely have a zero clearance fireplace. Some gas inserts are too big to fit into an existing zero clearance fireplace. However, most inserts models come in both a small and larger size and the small size typically fits.

Gas location
Gas must be plumbed into the fireplace. If gas is not existing, a plumber can stub a one-half inch rigid gas line into the fireplace. The gas line must be located in the back or side of the fireplace opening so it does not interfere with the insert installation. Call Custom Fireside for more details.

Remodeling the fireplace?
If you are updating the fireplace surround, hearth or tile, do it first. An insert sits on the hearth and pushes up against the fireplace opening. Consult Custom Fireside prior to refinishing so we can help guarantee your insert will fit and be finished to your specifications.