Quick specs

Fireplace Type: New Construction

Fuel Type: Wood

Manufacturer: Mason-lite

Efficiency: Moderate

BTU: Medium

Style: Open Wood Burning, Wood Fireplace

Price: Premium

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Product Overview

Available in three different sizes, either a 39�, 44�, or a huge 49� firebox, the MASON-LITE factory built masonry fireplace is the lightest in weight within their class and holds the highest heat resistant strength on the market. Thinking about constructing a traditional masonry firebox, consider the versatility, ease, and reduced costs of using a MASON-LITE fireplace instead. The MASON-LITE masonry fireplace can be constructed either indoors or outdoors and gives you the ability to burn either wood or gas. Heat tested up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, the fireplace features a ten year warranty, nearly 50% less expensive than traditional brick-by-brick fireplaces, and also offers energy efficiency.

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