Quick specs

Fireplace Type: New Construction

Fuel Type: Wood

Manufacturer: Astria

Efficiency: High

BTU: Medium

Style: Wood Fireplace, EPA Certified

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

The MONTECITO EPA II approved high-efficiency wood-burning fireplace combines the craftsmanship of a traditional masonry fireplace along with the clean and powerful non-catalytic combustion heating system. The MONTECITO EPA will deliver both radiant and forced heat through a heat-activated blower and give you a selection of face options to find a customized appearance that fits your style. The MONTECITO EPA is a great choice if you love burning wood and have a mid-sized area your looking to heat with a 2.0 cubic foot firebox that will accept a 20� log length. With a maximum output of 55,000 BTU�s, an emission rating of 3.7 grams/hour, and efficiency rating of 72%; the MONTECITO EPA has a heating capacity up to 1,500 sq. ft. and burn times as long as 8 hours. Options available are your choice in three different finishes on both the door and fa�ade around.

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