Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Freestanding Stove

Fuel Type: Pellet

Manufacturer: IronStrike

Efficiency: High

BTU: Medium

Style: Pellet Stove, Steel

Price: Value

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Product Overview

The WINSLOW PS40 is Ironstrike's famous pellet freestanding stove. The heavy duty WINSLOW PS40 has a cast iron burn pot and massive welded steel heat exchanger for extreme durability. A 900 � 2,000 sq. ft. heating capacity and 37,800 BTUs at 4.5lbs/hr makes this unit our midsize pellet freestanding stove. Equipped with a 150 CFM blower, even on low at 1.8lbs/hr at 15,120 BTUs will keep your home warm during cold days. Available in black, gold, or nickel trim the PS40 offers styling for many types. The �self-igniting� feature allows you to simply push the button and walk away giving you heat within 10 minutes and a hopper size of 60lbs leaves this stove burning for up to 33 hours. Quick access and state-of-the-art diagnostics makes this stove easy to clean and maintain. Mobile home approved.

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