INTREPID II (catalytic)

Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Freestanding Stove

Fuel Type: Wood

Manufacturer: Vermont Castings

Efficiency: High

BTU: Large

Style: Cast Iron, Wood Stove

Price: Premium

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Product Overview

The Vermont Castings INTREPID II catalytic wood burning stove has a compact design allowing it to fit in many applications and provides efficient heating for single room or smaller home heating needs. Although small, the INTREPID II features both a double-door front and top-loading design for easier convenience when reloading wood, up to 16� in length, to the fire. The INTREPID II has a maximum output of 27,000 BTUs/hr, burn times as long as 6 hours, an efficiency rating of 81.1% and an emission rating of 2.1 g/hr., and a heating capacity up to 1,200 sq. ft. A few options available for the INTREPID II are: exterior warming shelves, a spark screen, and a rear heat shield.

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