Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Fireplace Insert

Fuel Type: Electric

Manufacturer: Dimplex

Efficiency: Low

BTU: Small

Style: Electric

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

Utilizing the 26 Dimplex electric firebox, we are able to create a customized electric insert to transform your drafty masonry fireplace into a mess-free source of warmth. With an on/off remote and added controls located behind the drop-down control panel, the 26 electric firebox has the ability to adjust the accent lighting and heater settings. The custom electric insert features a cut-to-fit your fireplace shroud that creates a smooth transition between the insert and your fireplace facing. The 26 electric firebox features a 5,000 BTUs/hr heater, which is perfect if you're looking to take the chill off single room areas. 26" SELF-TRIMMING LOG SET FIREBOX #DF2608 Firebox Log Set Volts 120 Wattage 1,440 Amps 12.0 BTUs 4,915 Width (inches) 27 3⁄8 Height (inches) 23 1⁄2 Depth (inches) 8 13⁄16 Width (cm) 69.5 Height (cm) 59.7 Depth (cm) 22.4 Remote On/off remote Trim Clean, self-trimming design � no separate trim required. Warranty 2 year limited

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