Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Freestanding Stove

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Lopi

Efficiency: High

BTU: Small

Style: Traditional, Gas Stove

Price: Premium

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Product Overview

Lopi introduces its newest freestanding gas stove called the NORTHFIELD. This stove is the first freestanding gas stove with a true three-sided glass viewing area for Lopi. With a small footprint and a modest 22,000 maximum BTUs, the NORTHFIELD is designed for smaller or single sized rooms rated at up to 850 sq. ft. The NORTHFIELD also offers top or rear vent installation and an efficiency rating of 80.1%. Lopi has recently introduced their new technology that enables the option of running the fireplace in standing pilot mode or switching to an electronic ignition mode by the flip of a switch. The optional �GREENSMART� modulating remote controls virtually every function of the fireplace. The remote can control the flame and heat output manually, change the blower speed, turn the accent light on or off, toggle the Split-Flow Ember-Fyre burner which allows the user to shut off the rear burner if less heat is desired, and set the fireplace to thermostat mode or �Smart� mode. The �Smart� mode allows the fireplace to automatically modulate the fire and heat to maintain both the beauty of the fire and the room temperature. Offered in either cast iron or oxford enamel brown finishes, the NORTHFIELD delivers beauty and style to your home. Greensmart controls are located under the stove which give you complete control such as the pilot setting, flame height, blower speed(if equipped), and the comfort control valve. However, the on/off and accent light controls are mounted at the back top right for easy access. Options available are: blower kit, and remote control.

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