Quick specs

Fireplace Type: New Construction

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Town & Country

Efficiency: Low

BTU: Large

Style: Contemporary, Linear, Gas Fireplace

Price: Premium

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Product Overview

Town & Country has developed a smaller, lower heating capacity, linear burner style fireplace of their own 54 widescreen fireplace. The WIDESCREEN 38 features Town & Country unique Design-A-Fire system which consists of choosing between two different styles of burner systems and four background color options. The WIDESCREEN 38 features the award-winning Maxitrol control system that provides operation of the fireplace by both wall mounted and a programmable handheld remote. Features of the WIDESCREEN 38 are: interior accent lighting with the flame on or off, electronic ignition or standing pilot at the push of a button, battery back-up, and versatile installation. The WIDESCREEN 38 provides a maximum of 47,200 BTU and a heating capacity capable of keeping master bedrooms or living rooms comfortable.

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