Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Freestanding Stove

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Valor

Efficiency: High

BTU: Medium

Style: Traditional, Gas Stove

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

The MADRONA MI freestanding gas stove combines the look and feel of traditional wood-burning while delivering some of the latest gas burning technology. The MADRONA MI features a large arched window for more viewing area, an easily removable cast iron front for easy internal access, and a non-visible control box you don�t have to see under the stove that is typical of many gas stoves. Equipped with the newest technology, the �E-Pilot� ignition system features a multi-functional remote that: turns the pilot on/off, set the heat and adjust the flames, two pre-set programs for certain times, or automatic mode adjusts the flame automatically in order to maintain proper heat. The MADRONA M1 gas stove has a maximum heat output of 28,000 BTU�s, an efficiency rating of 68.5%, and a heating capacity up to 1,200 sq. ft. Optional accessories available are: a clip on safety screen or thermally activated circulating fan kit.

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