Quick specs

Fireplace Type: New Construction

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Valor

Efficiency: High

BTU: Small

Style: Traditional, Gas Fireplace

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

The Portrait Series gas product line by Valor offers a gas heating source for just about any situation. One of those products is called the 530 PRESIDENT ZC. This gas fireplace features an attractive cast iron face. As with all Portrait Series fireplace products, the 530 PRESIDENT ZC has a maximum output of 20,500 BTUs, an efficiency rating of 74.4%, and a heating capacity up to 1,100 sq. ft. Equipped on all Valor products, Valorstat plus remote enables you to adjust the flame height, set a time and temperature for operation, or automatically adjust the fire to maintain the room temperature you set. With the Portrait Series gas-products, you have the option to choose a fire with a gas log set or coal set to accent your fireplace.

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