Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Freestanding Stove

Fuel Type: Wood

Manufacturer: HearthStone

Efficiency: High

BTU: Large

Style: Cast Iron, Wood Stove

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

All HearthStone woodstoves are non-catalytic, easy to clean, and have an air wash system to prevent the glass from fogging or discoloring which also self-cleans the window to maximize the enjoyment of a wood fire. The CRAFTSBURY is HearthStone mid-sized freestanding wood stove capable of heating areas around 1,300 sq. ft. with 40,000 BTUs output and a 3.0 EPA grams per hour rating. The CRAFTSBURY accepts up to a 17 log length in a 1.5 cubic foot firebox and is available in five different casting finishes. Standard features for the CRAFTSBURY include a reversible flue collar, ash drawer, and soapstone-lined firebox. Several options are available such as: outside air kit, window screen, rear heat shield, and a fan with built-in thermostat/rheostat.

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