Steel Hearth Pad - Textured Black

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Manufacturer: Hearth Classics

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Product Overview

Ember Defender Steel Hearth Pads The Hearth Classics Hearth Products Ember Defender has seen tremendous growth in the last few years and for more reasons than simply being less expensive. We build our Ember Defenders with a heavy gauge steel (10 gauge) to prevent bowing, a common issue, in addition to curling, that occurs with cheaper hearth pads. We also powder coat both sides. If your hearth pad does arrive with a scratch, it can be flipped over to what we hope will be a flawless finish. Many customers move to this hearth pad, as it is easy to get along with in your home. Since it is only 1/8" thick, it is not a trip hazard, especially for an installation that may require your hearth pad to extend into a natural walkway. This is also helpful if your home has family members in a wheelchair or using a walker. This is a Type 1 (Ember Protection Only) product and will not work if your stove requires the hearth pad to provide thermal protection. Fortunately, more and more stove manufacturers are building products that require Ember Protection. Type 1 Heat Protection All wood, pellet, coal and corn stoves require a hearth protector. More on Heat Protection Features & Benefits Provides excellent Type 1 protection. Heavy gauge powder-coated steel. No removal of carpeting required. Listed to UL 1618 tested protection for your family’s safety/security. Ground strap kit available if needed. Manufactured in the USA.