Classic Edge Frame

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Manufacturer: Hearth Classics

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Product Overview

Classic Edge Frame Hearth Pads Available in Any Size With R-Value of 1.592 1-1/4" frame Utilizes two substrates equal to ¾", these substrates provide a slightly lower R-Value than the singe substrate in our 1" frame Two substrates are required to provide strength for larger hearth pads and the thickness required for our Classic Edge All Sizes of Hearth Pads Extruded, tubed aluminum for maximum strength Corner plugs to ensure perfectly “square” hearth pads every time Powder-coated No overspray issues on tile/grout, frame powder coated prior to tile/slate installation so grout and thinset clean off frame easily Both substrates provide excellent tile bonding characteristics, unlike substrates found in other brands of hearth pads Does not rely on air pockets for thermal value