Product Overview

Stoll Inset Masonry Door #2 (Bar Iron Collection) Textured Black & Plated Brushed Nickel Arch Window Pane Design Traditional CenterBar Doors Bar Iron Inset Fireplace Doors Door frames are recessed into the bar iron main frame using European style hinges to create a flush custom cabinet appearance. This allows for a better seal between the doors and the frame. The Bar Iron Collection includes custom fireplace doors for arch, rectangle, and unusually large fireplace openings. The heavy iron frames provide additional strength and durability with a very trim 3/16” frame profile. The bar iron material allows Stoll to take full advantage of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) & the latest laser cutting technology. Custom tailored door frames can fit virtually any size or shape fireplace and incorporate special decorative elements into the frame. Traditional and TotalView door styles are available in either Cabinet or Bifold design. All Stoll fireplace doors are customizable, yet the frame and construction features of Bar Iron doors allow for almost limitless customization. The main frame, door frames and decorative designs can all be customized to your personal design tastes. Your custom fireplace door will perfectly accent the fireplace, provide a layer of safety, and make your fireplace much more efficient.