GEMINI 33-35-40-45

Quick specs

Fireplace Type: New Construction

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Astria

Efficiency: Moderate

BTU: Small

Style: Gas Fireplace, Traditional

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

The newly designed Gemini� series projects versatile style and performance. Outfitted with inviting features and outstanding performance, these fireplace units also feature a number of optional accessories, allowing a personal, customized touch. The units are built with quality components and are easy to install. That's the essence of the new Astria Gemini� series. Available in sizes: 33" / 35" / 40" / 45" Detailed ceramic fiber oak log set on sturdy �" diamond shaped grate Durable textured powder coat finish Combo top/rear flue configuration (except 33" models which are dedicated top/rear) Millivolt or electric ignition with battery backup

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