S 160

Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Freestanding Stove

Fuel Type: Wood

Manufacturer: IronStrike

Efficiency: High

BTU: Large

Style: Wood Stove, Steel

Price: Value

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Product Overview

Perfect for a small size house, the STRIKER S160 has a heating range from 700 � 1,400 sq. ft. Installed with standard 6� pipe, the S160 burns at 1.6 EPA grams per hour making this stove one of the cleanest burning units on the market. At a rating of 70.2% efficiency, a maximum burn time of 6 � 8 hours, and a log size of up to 18� you�ll burn less wood for longer periods of time using the air damper to fully adjust the burn rate. The S160 adds a little variety to the style allowing for a traditional or arched door to be installed in several finishes including: black, gold, nickel, brushed gold, or brushed nickel. This freestanding wood stove gives you the option of adding the powerful 700CFM blower adding more heat to your home.

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