Product Overview

Hargrove gas logs will add a warm, relaxing mood to any home. Simply transform your zero-clearance or masonry wood fireplace into a clean, safe, economical, and convenient burning fire by having a set of Hargrove gas logs installed. Tired of carrying logs into your home, ashes to scoop out, and messy woodpiles? Hargrove gas logs bring all the joy to having a fire without all the work. The SELECT SERIES offers a fresh-cut look with naturally textured bark logs and split top pieces and a decorative pine cone for an incredible realistic appearance. Available sizes from 18� to 66� or see-thru models. Hargrove gas logs are cast in refractory concrete and reinforced with steel lath able to withstand temperatures up to 2000◦F. All Hargrove gas logs (with accessory box) come complete with realistic burning embers.