Custom Gas Fireplaces

Your imagination and budget are the only limits when designing your custom gas fireplace. Choose from any number of fireplace sizes, shapes, burners, and interiors. Most custom fireplaces are going to be gas due to EPA clean burning restrictions on open wood burning. However, if glass fronts are required to meet California Energy Code compliance, the glass is typically “cool touch” so safety screens are not required, and there are few limits on configurations.


DaVinci Single Sided

DaVinci Pier

DaVinci Bay

Stellar Custom Raised Burner

Stellar Custom Linear

Stellar Custom Curved


Two custom fireplace options:

Da Vinci Custom Fireplaces
Da Vinci fireplaces transcend the limits of a standard fireplace. Modular segments offer hundreds of configurations while allowing for relatively easy installation. All fireplace configurations are tested and approved by Intertek laboratories making for easy compliance with building officials.

Features include:

  • 3 feet to 21 feet long with glass 12-30” high
  • One to four-sided
  • Adjustable under-lighting colors and interior configurations
  • Wood and other combustible materials can be installed right up to the edge of the fireplace opening, ignoring standard non-combustible zones.

Stellar Hearth Products
Stellar Hearth’s configuration solutions now offer curved glass, concave arcs, an entire see-through wall fireplace with custom artwork or, if proper make-up air is provided, no glass at all on the front. Stellar fireplaces are the only UL listed fireplaces in the industry and are the only choice for those who want to customize every aspect of their fireplace.

Features include:

  • Width, height and depth are fully customizable
  • One to four-sided, with or without fireplace glass fronts
  • Media bed lighting patterns, colors and rhythm controlled via phone app
  • Glass etching, frost effect, and back-light laser cut designs, names and logos
  • Cool touch glass and multiple burner types

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