Built-in Electric Fireplace


Adding to an existing home
An electric fireplace can go into an existing cabinet or fireplace. The installation is far easier if you choose a fireplace that is self-trimming and pushes up against a finished opening. Custom trims can be added if the factory flange is not the correct size.

New construction
Choose your unit, build your cavity and provide power.


Installed during framing

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Key Decision Points

Confirm circuit has sufficient power. Power requirements can be 1500 watts or greater when heater is in use. Determine if firebox is hardwired or if it plugs into a standard outlet.

Preparing the fireplace opening
Recessing a unit requires planning. Confirm the cavity is the appropriate size. Some units will push up against a finished opening (already tiled and sheetrocked) and install at the end of the job. Others install during open framing and will require finishing up to the fireplace.

Heating requirements
Electric fireplaces typically only provide modest supplementary heating. Do not depend on them as a primary heat source. If the fireplace has the option for 220v power, the amount of heat is significantly higher.