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How do I start a wood fire?

How do I start a wood fire?

1. Place firestarters, fatwood or crumpled newspaper (3 or 4 sheets balled up fairly tightly) on the floor or grate of your stove.

2. Crisscross the kindling so there is plenty of air space in between each piece. Wood that is packed too tight will not burn properly.

3. Place at least two half cut logs on top of the kindling front to back with about a 1″ air gap between the two.

4. Put a piece of paper across the top of the larger logs.

5. Make sure your damper is completely open and light the paper on top first. This will help produce proper air draft venting up the chimney on colder mornings.

6. Once that has lit, begin to light the lower paper/firestarters.

7. Close the door enough so that there is at least a 1″ gap still open and maintain a fully open damper for at least 20 minutes. This will allow the fire to begin burning the wood and spread.

8. Once most of the initial wood begins to glow red and become coals, you can now add more wood and close the door.

9. Wait until the stove box reads at least 300 degrees before you decrease the damper. This will bring the stove up to efficient burning. (Any temperature under 300 degrees can cause heavier creosote buildup)