Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Fireplace Insert

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Valor

Efficiency: High

BTU: Small

Price: Premium

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Product Overview

If you happen to stop by one of our two showroom locations, be sure to check out the LEGEND G3 fireplace gas insert created by Valor. Whether it is the wide selection of distinctive faceplates or the sophisticated control abilities of the “ValorStat” plus remote, the LEGEND G3 will definitely catch the eyes of you and your guests. The LEGEND G3 is now available in a river rock stone/glass bead bed burner offering a more modern twist to the fireplace and can be properly matched with new modern style faceplates. The LEGEND G3 allows you to mix n’ match faceplates and trim panels for a total of more than a dozen different results including the very popular “FenderFire DoubleDoor” faceplate. The “ValorStat” is a unique programmable remote that lets you control the gas insert in three different ways. You can manually adjust to the desired flame height, set the time and temperature to your fireplace insert on or off, and an automatic mode that will actually adjust the fire up or down in order to maintain the room temperature you desire. The LEGEND G3 has a maximum output of 24,000 BTU’s, an efficiency rating of 68.0%, and a heating capacity up to 1,200 sq. ft. An optional variable speed circulating fan kit is available.

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