Quick specs

Fireplace Type: Outdoor

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Heat & Glo

Efficiency: Moderate

BTU: Medium

Style: Gas Fireplace, Linear, Contemporary

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

Enjoy the view from inside and outside your home with this unique fireplace. The Mezzanine gas fireplace boasts beautiful linear style and accent lights that shine through the crushed glass firebed. Customize the look with options like reflective black glass interior, stones and trim finishing options making the Mezzanine linear fireplace the ultimate in luxury design. Lights shine through the crushed glass firebed and can be used when the fireplace is off IntelliFireā„¢ Touch ignition system monitors ignition and ensures safe functioning IntelliFireā„¢ Touch touchscreen remote control 316 marine grade stainless steel exterior is rust-resistant even in the harshest conditions

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