SCORPIO 30 - 40 - 45

Quick specs

Fireplace Type: New Construction

Fuel Type: Gas

Manufacturer: Astria

Efficiency: Moderate

BTU: Medium

Style: Gas Fireplace, Traditional

Price: Moderate

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Product Overview

The superbly designed Scorpio� series is the embodiment of traditional style and performance. Dressed with an array of standard features including high efficiency ceramic glass and heat circulating blower, these fireplace units make a room both warm and inviting. Available in three sizes, the Scorpio series provides true design versatility. Select from 3 sizes - 35", 40" and 45" - to accommodate the size of your room and heating needs. Oak logs, decorative grate and glowing embers deliver an elegant fire presentation. A newly designed pan burner produces brilliant flames for a vibrant presentation and hours of enjoyment. Ceramic glass for superior clarity. Clean, radiant design blend with any style of mantel or trim. Standard interior illumination. Heat-circulating design increases warm air distribution for exceptional supplemental heat . Standard built-in blower kit enables higher efficiency and heat delivery to the living space. Ceramic glass provides more radiant heat than standard tempered glass. Full-function remote simplifies operation. Energy saving intermittent electronic pilot ignition system reduces gas usage and provides reliable operation. Standard high/low flame control allows you to control the ambiance in the room. Uninterrupted operation even during a power outage. Combo (top/rear) venting for maximum installation flexibility. Approved for use in any room including bedrooms. Select from a variety of required liners for a more customized look. Natural gas and propane models give you your choice of heating fuel.

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