Style / New Construction: Astria MONTEBELLO CTHRU (indoor/indoor or indoor/outdoor)

Fuel Type: Gas BTU: Large
Efficiency: Moderate Price: Moderate
Type: N/A Decor: Modern, Designer
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With the unique ability to install this see-through gas fireplace on an exterior wall, the MONTEBELLO ST is designed to withstand the elements while displaying the dancing fire from both indoors and outdoors. The MONTEBELLO is also capable of being installed into interior walls when heat between two rooms is desired. The MONTEBELLO ST features a stunningly realistic fire, a clean-faced design that maximizes the viewing area, and enough many upgradable options to customize the appearance of the fireplace. The MONTEBELLO ST has a maximum output of 60,000 BTUs/hr. The gas fireplace offers six different interior liners, optional andiron designs, and the outdoor kit in two different tint options. Astria’s total comfort control system utilizes a full-function remote capable of adjusting the flame and fan speeds or operate in thermostat and smart modes for automated convenience.