Style / New Construction: Avalon SEATTLE HIGH OUTPUT

Fuel Type: Gas BTU: Medium
Efficiency: High Price: Premium
Type: N/A Decor: Traditional, Modern, Designer
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Ideal for mid-sized areas such as a living room, large bedroom, or moderate heating needs, the SEATTLE HO (High Output) features GreenSmart and two-stage Dancing-Fyre technologies with a Comfort Control valve to provide a wide range of heat while maintaining the proper flame heights and glowing embers. The optional remote is capable of modulating the flame and fan, turn the accent light on/off, activate the dual-burner system, and operate the unit in manual, thermostatic, and smart modes. The SEATTLE HO offers face options from basic black grills to four different upgrade faces with a choice of textured finishes. The SEATTLE HO has an efficiency rating of 72%, a maximum output of 35,000 BTUs/hr, and a heating capacity up to 1,400 sq. ft. An included 260 CFM convection fan helps provide more heat into the room during the colder winter months. Optional interior surrounds are available in traditional or herringbone brick, rock creek, or black enamel finish.