Style / New Construction: Town & Country WIDE SCREEN WS54 (Tranquility Burner)

Fuel Type: Gas BTU: Large
Efficiency: Low Price: Premium
Type: N/A Decor: Modern
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Town & Country has added another distinct fireplace to their lineup. The tranquility burner on the WS 54 WIDESCREEN is a contemporary wide landscape of river rocks and white sand surrounded by either reflective black or coffee bean brown porcelain panels. As a true clean-face wide screen design, the WS 54 brings an unobstructed view of the flames. The WS 54 offers Town & Country’s “Maestro Control System” with both wall-mounted operation and a programmable handheld remote. Choose between electronic ignition or standing pilot light operation with just the push of a button. The WS 54 offers a maximum of 61,000 BTU’s and a low output of 46,200 BTU’s. With an efficiency rating of only 26.7%, the WS 54 has a low heating capacity of less than 1,000 sq. ft.