Style / Built-In Outdoor: Montigo H34VO

Fuel Type: Gas BTU: Medium
Efficiency: Moderate Price: Moderate
Type: N/A Decor: Traditional
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Constructed from stainless steel parts to withstand the outdoor elements, the Montigo HVO series is a ventless gas fireplace designed to add style and comfort to any backyard patio area. Mounted flush to any surrounding, the Montigo HVO series comes in three different sizes whether it is a 34”, 38”, or 42” opening. Whether you choose the H34VO with a max of 26,000 BTUs/hr, the H38VO at 34,000 BTUs/hr, or select the larger H42VO with 40,000 BTUs/hr, a Montigo HVO series fireplace can surely change anyone’s outdoor living experience. Standard features include a ceramic fiber log set with glowing embers, unique pan burner, and large viewing area.