Room Size / Small: Simplifire 38" WALL MOUNT by

Fuel Type: Electric BTU: Small
Efficiency: Low Price: Value
Type: N/A Decor: Modern, Designer
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Colored LED backlighting surrounds
each model. Colors can rotate or remain
constant—you control the style and enhance
the ambiance.
Multi-Function Remote Quickly and easily set the mood. Intuitive multi-function remote controls come standard.

The 38-inch model comes with a stand, Mount it on the wall, or just set it down and plug it in.

Four Wall-Mount electric fireplace
models provide an instant upgrade to any space, with or without the heat.

Simply hang these units on the wall and plug them in. Easily find the right size for your space—38, 58, 70 and 94-inch models are available, all with standard multi-colored LED backlighting to accent any décor.

100% efficient- costs just pennies an hour to operate. Use with or without heat.

38, 58, 70 and 94-inch models allows limitless placement options.
The 38-inch model includes a stand for optional tabletop use.

Efficient LED flame and perimeter light technology means the
bulbs never need to be changed

All models have 14 color LED perimeter backlighting to accentany décor

Intuitive, multi-function remote included with all SimpliFire wall-mount fireplaces allows flame, backlight, and heat control

4,800 BTU heat output is perfect for zone heating your space.