Other Products: Stove Bright AEROSOL PAINT (High Temperature)

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Stove Bright® High Temperature Aerosol Paint is the industry’s premier high temperature paint. It is formulated with a unique blend of heat resistant pigments in a silicone polymer resin that provides excellent color retention and film integrity in working temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C). Stove Bright® High Temperature Paint is designed for rapid curing and great working properties over ferrous metal surfaces. It is ideal for wood, pellet, and gas stoves as well as stove pipes, engines, engine manifolds, and many other metal substrates that are subject to high temperatures. Available in a wide range of colors to suit almost any need. Whenever Stove Bright® High Temperature Aerosol Paint is used on surfaces that will become hot, a curing process occurs in which the paint "cooks" onto the surface. During this process, paint fumes and a slight smoky appearance will take place. It is recommended to conduct the curing process during times when the area can be well ventilated for several hours.