Outdoor / Fire Pits: Fireplace Xtrordinair TEMPEST TORCH

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The TEMPEST TORCH is designed as a decorative lighting piece to create the ultimate look in outdoor lighting. Whether it be for residential or commercial, the TEMPEST TORCH makes a statement about why lies ahead. The patent pending TEMPEST TORCH design creates a spiraling flame effect as air is forced inside the four-sided glass enclosure. The TEMPEST TORCH is offered in two different models. The larger model can be installed in a variety ways like wall mounted, pillar mounted, deck mounted post, in ground post, or the convenient portable patio unit. The larger model features a stainless steel frame and burner, automatic gas shut off, easy access control panel, a wet weather lighting port, and is available in either piezo igniter or IPI electric ignition formats. Some options available for the large model are: rain cap, cast post cover, all weather cover, and a wheel kit for the portable patio model. The second model is called the table top TEMPEST TORCH and is a much smaller unit designed for enjoyment while sitting around the patio table.